Course Overview

Looking to inspire the next generation? Enthusiastic about the subject of physics? Then why not apply today for our teacher training physics course?

Physics is becoming increasingly popular amongst students and as one of the core subjects of the secondary curriculum, the demand for talented physics teachers is higher than ever.

As a physics teacher, your goal is to educate students on the fundamental concepts of field, force, radiation, and particle structures and how they are interlinked to form models of behaviour of the material universe.

For students, this knowledge will be able to enrich their basic understanding of our material environment.

When you teach Physics at secondary level, you will ensure that pupils:

  • Understand the use of models, as in the particle model of matter or the wave models of light and of sound
  • Understand the concept of cause and effect in explaining such links as those between force and acceleration, or between changes in atomic nuclei and radioactive emissions
  • Understand the phenomena of ‘action at a distance’ and the related concept of the field as the key to analysing electrical, magnetic and gravitational effects
  • Understand that differences, for example between pressures or temperatures or electrical potentials, are the drivers of change
  • Understand that proportionality, for example between weight and mass of an object or between force and extension in a spring, is an important aspect of many models in science
  • Understand that physical laws and models are expressed in mathematical form

Benefits of participating in a Physics teacher training course with us:

  • You will receive ongoing support from the globally-renowned York St John University
  • We are in partnership with an outstanding network of schools, with the added opportunity of being able to teach in sixth forms
  • To help support your year of teacher training, you may be eligible for funding
  • We are consistently rated ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted